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Free bets are incentive bonuses offered by different bookmakers online. They are used to persuade new bettors to sign up and use the site for their betting needs.

Types Of Free Bets

Free Bet Series

Here, you will get free bets if you make a wager of a specific amount. For instance, some bookmakers offer €10 free bets for every bet of €50. You should expect a few restrictions with the free bets series and the next one can only be valid at a specific time. It’s a way for the bookmaker to encourage players to come back to the site.

Initial Deposit Bonus

If you sign up with a particular bookmaker, you can expect this fantastic bonus. It is a percentage of the initial deposit up to a maximum amount. For instance, you can get a 50% bonus of your initial deposit up to a maximum of €200. However, there are some conditions for this bonus. For instance, you have a minimum number of bets to make using the bonus before you can be allowed to withdraw.

Winning First Bet Bonus

Here, you will receive a bonus if you win with your first bet. In most cases, the bookmaker will reward you with a bigger bonus if your original wager was on longer odds rather than short ones.

How Do Free Bets Work?

A free bet is an amount that is credited to your account by the bookmaker. With a free bet, you can make wagers on specific markets and bet types. There are a few notable differences between a free bet and a regular bet.

First, if you lose with a free bet, you will not lose anything. On the other hand, if you win with a free bet, you will only get back the profit unlike in a regular bet where you can get back the original stake plus the profit.

The Conditions And Restrictions On Free Bets

Well, these vary from one bookmaker to the other as well as the free bet format. Some of the typical restrictions include the following:

  • Minimum Odds – Most free bets have minimum odds restrictions. They vary from one bookmaker to the other, but they range between 1.20 to 2.00
  • Sports League/Market – Here, you can only use the free bets in a particular sports league or market.
  • Minimum Deposit – Here, you need to have a specific deposit amount before you can use the free bet.
  • Expiry Dates – It means you can only use the free bet for a specific period before it expires.
  • Withdrawal Restrictions – With most bookmakers, you have a limitation on the number of times you can bet using the free bet amounts before you are allowed to withdraw the money.

It’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions before using any free bets as well as open an account with a specific bookmaker.

Where To Find Free Bets

If you visit the promotions page on any bookmaker’s site, you can find all the current free bets and bonuses. Use these free bets to make your game exciting!