UEFA European Championship

About The UEFA European Championship



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It is a prestigious league of football that is taken to another level where only qualified National teams take part. The UEFA European Championship is also commonly known to many as UEFA Euro 2020. The tournament is organised by the Union of European Football Association known to many as UEFA. This tournament is mostly for the International men’s team from each participating country that qualifies for the competition.

The initial plan or rather the written memorandum is that the UEFA tournament is to be held in 12 cities of 12 countries that participate in the UEFA European Championship. Portugal is the defending champions of the Euro title. Led by their super captain Cristiano Ronaldo, they were able to beat France in their home ground to scoop the trophy.


It is a soccer tournament for the elite national teams. There is no automatic qualification in this competition every team has to battle it out in the qualification stages for a slot in the 24 places provided at the finals of the tournament. In another big tour naming such a World Cup, the host nation qualifies automatically, but this is not the case in the UEFA European Championship.

If the host city or country fails to qualify for the competition they definitely won’t take part in the tournament. Currently, most of the teams have already qualified for the tournament which is going to be held in 2020.

Among these teams are Belgium and of course, the defending champions Portugal, Italy, France, Germany and amongst other giant national teams in Europe. It is also important to note that Netherlands and Denmark have made an official comeback to the tournament after missing in the previous qualification. There are also other newcomers to the competition who have proved to conquer the football world.

For the first time in history, Austria and Wales have managed to attain a slot in the mind-blowing tournament successfully. Moreover, in the champions of the year 2004, Greece won the title after beating Portugal in the finals and has not been able to make a comeback in the tournament. They have missed two consecutive European Championship and as well as the third straight major tournament.

Of twelve of the host countries, there are seven of them that manage to qualify for the 2020 Euro finals. Four of the remaining countries clash in the playoffs, and only a maximum of three teams are legible to enter and participate in the competition. Lastly, after the qualification matches over and all teams are set they are then divided into various competing groups.

A draw is done, and teams are picked as they are placed in their respective competing groups. The first challenge for the teams is to compete among themselves in their respective groups. Then the two teams from each group with the most points proceed to the next stage of the last sixteen.

Then quarter-finals, semis and then to the finals where the two best teams meet to compete for the ultimate UEFA European Championship title.