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Why Lower Leagues Can Be Interesting

Lower leagues do have smaller betting limits, i.e. you can bet less money in a League One match than the UEFA Champions League Final or the FIFA World Cup semi-finals, but why is that? The main reason has to do with techniques of risk management adopted by the bookmakers. Still, if you are an independent punter or if you work alongside a few partners at a small syndicate, you shouldn’t worry about the underlying reasons of that situation, but to understand why it could be profitable.

Big betting companies cannot focus on overly small leagues. They have lots of capital, and in the trading jargon, the lower leagues lack liquidity, which means lots of exciting opportunities are overlooked.

There are many ways to profit out of lower leagues, but if you combine keen research of the team news alongside with public data from the classification table, you already have the right fuel for your bets. Some sites offer services to keep up with the latest information about Injuries and Suspensions, and often you can have good news about very obscure leagues like the lower divisions of Germany, Italy and even Argentina, for a small price.

Such news is free information, but if you research everything for yourself, the odds could change while you do that, and some languages are not that easy to translate. Try to translate a text in German and even after you use, for instance, Chrome to automatically translate something, it may not be an efficient translation.

The lower the league, the harder the homework! Significant divisions usually are easy to research, in Italy you have Gazzetta displaying all the formations of the upcoming games. In the UK, several sites analyse the forthcoming games. But what about the 5th division of Germany? Or the 4th division of Spain? If you already tried to bet at similar leagues, you know that there are several potential sources for the team news, such as the official club website. If it isn’t a useful source for big clubs of the top divisions – then you have twitter, sometimes forums and often blogs dedicated to a specific small club.

Have you noticed that some lower leagues have lots of teams? The lower divisions of Spain, Argentina and Italy, for example, have a myriad of clubs.

Investing at specific subscriptions could be a good way of building rock-solid bets if you are willing to do the homework: simply subscribing and trying to bet as soon as the news some will offer you a limited number of good bets. Profitable traders dedicate time to make money. Sometimes you need to wait for the simultaneous kickoffs of many games, check some line-ups and confirm early market information.

Live Speculation: Lower Leagues

Just like other kinds of live markets, if you keep up with team news of lower leagues, you can place speculative bets. The scenarios of ‘dog’ and ‘underdog’ are usually explicit. If you know what the betting scenario is, i.e. the team news, whether you bet based on personal research or a paid subscription, you can be ready for opportunities based merely on the feed of live odds of a gambling site. You don’t even have to search for live information of events that can be very obscure.

Advantages of Paid Subscriptions

Some sites offer great packages of several leagues, which is a good source of useful ‘fuel’ for your bets, but sometimes are quite focused at specific leagues. You do not necessarily have to bet exclusively based on personal research or paid subscription. You can research at the leagues that are more accessible to you based on your cultural background, i.e. the languages that you speak and the country where you live. Although nowadays sports betting isn’t limited to where you live, let’s say you live in the UK you can easily bet on the MLS or the Indian Premier League based on local team news that is published by online newspapers.

If you already have a bankroll with a defined value, I strongly recommend that you invest a portion of your profits or initial capital on information organised by professionals. If you don’t have the money to do that yet, focus on the leagues you can do the hard work yourself at first, then expand your range of potential bets based on the work of third parties.

Nowadays you don’t have to hire dedicated staff to obtain quality information. Some companies do great work to help you keep up with the latest Injuries and Suspensions, and not only their research can be a lot more accurate and fast. You can focus on tracking the markets and snatch good odds are soon as the market swings, which is what traders do, they trade they don’t research!

Regardless what your betting methods are, you will always have to keep up with team news in a very efficient way, and investing time to do it yourself or money to have others doing it for you is imperative to profit in the long run.