Fifa World Cup

FIFA World Cup Tournament Review



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The FIFA World Cup tournament is a competition amongst the men’s senior football teams of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The competition is an international one that occurs every four years and was started in the year 1930. However, there were two of the years that the championship did not occur, 1942 and 1946, and that was due to World War II. Currently, the FIFA World Cup tournament winner is France. They won their current title in Russia in 2018.

The competition’s format is one that has a qualification phase. The teams will play and be considered during the three years before the competition. These football games that can help the teams qualify are known as the World Cup Finals. After the Finals are over, 32 teams will be included in the tournament. Also, the nation’s team that hosts the tournament will automatically qualify.

There have been twenty one World Cup tournaments over the years. Out of these championships, there have only been eight national teams that have taken the title. One team, Brazil, has won the tournament five times. Also, they are currently the only team that has played in every tournament. The other winners of the World Cup have been Italy and Germany who have each won the competition four times. Uruguay, France, and Argentina have all won the title two times. Spain and England have each won the World Cup tournament just once.

The World Cup is quite famous around the world. Since it is the most prestigious football tournament, it is also the most followed and viewed sporting event. While the Olympic Games are quite popular and regarded the world over, the World Cup exceeds even that event. In 2006, there were over 26 billion viewers, and it is thought that over 700 million people viewed the final match.

Since the inaugural World Cup, there have been seventeen countries that have hosted the tournament. In the past, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Italy, and France have hosted the tournament two times. The other countries have hosted the World Cup one time each and include South Korea and Japan, and have hosted the tournament jointly, the United States, Argentina, Spain, England, Chile, Switzerland, Sweden, and Uruguay. Qatar plans to host the finals in the year 2022 and Mexico, Canda, and the United States have made plans to host the competition jointly. When this occurs, Mexico will be the only country to have hosted the tournament three times.

The FIFA World Cup is a popular tournament that is viewed by a large portion of the Earth’s population. Every four years, the competition is held and based on the previous three years teams that have proven themselves to be the most competitive options. While there have been twenty one World Cup tournaments, there have only been eight nations that have held the title. The next competition will take place in 2022 and will be hosted by Qatar.